Perceptive Things, Inc.

105 West 86th St.

Suite 225

New York, NY 10024


Perceptive Things was founded in NYC in 2017 with a singular offer non-invasive and cost-effective water leak protection for multi-family apartment buildings.  We spent two years developing software, testing sensors, and building a wireless network to create a "smart building" solution that is tailored to the people that operate and maintain millions of homes in multi-family buildings.


Perceptive Things currently protects over $1 billion in assets. We have extended beyond multi-family buildings in order to offer a wide catalog of sensor solutions to offices as well as residential buildings.  Our cloud platform, sensor hardware, and wireless network form the foundation of an adaptable solution for any property's needs.  We make it simple to create a true building-wide sensor network and get it up and running quickly, with minimal required training. We are proud of our straightforward pricing that brings considerable ROI to every deployment.


We realize that every building we walk into contains the homes and businesses of real people.  We are laser-focused on enhancing operations and reducing risk for these valued spaces.


We start with a simple conversation to understand a property's needs, and tailor the solution accordingly.  We know that a one-size-fits-all approach can never work with each property's unique and complex characteristics.


We are committed to providing a high-quality service that meets and even exceeds your expectations.