Facility Insights  

For Employee, 

Resident, and

Guest Experiences

Understand and Protect Your Property

Optimize productivity and ROI...

  • Save money through better workspace utilization

  • Avoid costly HVAC & comfort issues

  • Prevent water damage from leaks

  • Prevent frozen pipes and equipment damage from temperature extremes

  • Receive alerts about door and window access/delayed openings.

Office Workspace

Offer the finest guest experience...

  • Receive alerts when ice makers leak and bathrooms flood

  • Optimize comfort settings throughout the property

  • Maximize investment in common space amenities through space utilization monitoring



Food Service,


Optimize and Safeguard facilities...

  • Reduce inventory losses to water damage

  • Receive refrigeration temperature alerts

  • Track valuable equipment and assets

  • Monitor occupancy in target areas

  • Optimize comfort for customers

  • Reduce energy costs

Custom Projects

We have access to a vast catalog of sensors and devices through our suppliers.  Our state-of-the-art wireless network and cloud platform provides the foundation of a virtually limitless set of functionality.


Contact us today to discuss your challenges and we will design a package of sensors and devices to solve them.  Some examples include:

  • Worker panic buttons

  • Remote and automated valve control

  • Air and water quality compliance

  • Building envelope water ingress


Call or text (646) 641-8058


Simple Pricing

Adding Building Intelligence to your property is simple.

Purchase the sensors you need.

Subscribe to monitoring.

No hubs to buy or other additional fees.



$60 each

Dual-probe water leak sensor with separate wireless alerting for each probe. Each sensor comes pre-configured for your property, and are a breeze to install. Each sensor body and probe includes 3M adhesive pads for secure attachment to surfaces. Battery life rated for 4 to 5 years.


2 1-meter probes

2 15cm probes

2 CR2450 Lithium batteries



$150 each

This industrial-grade moisture sensor uses a 3 meter rope to detect the presence of moisture along its entire length. Custom lengths up to 100 meters can be ordered by request. The sensor body has internal magnets, so the unit can be mounted to iron surfaces.


1 sensor body

1 3-meter sensor rope

2 3.6V ER14505 AA lithium batteries


$60 each

Our ambient temperature and humidity sensor can be mounted anywhere.  Inspect current and historical readings and be notified when the temperature or humidity rises above or falls below a configurable threshold.


1 Mercury sensor

1 Mounting bracket

2 AA alkaline batteries




Each sensor can deliver insight and alerts to your facilities team via our web-based application. All functions are available on any smartphone, tablet, or computer...NO APP REQUIRED! Incident alerts are sent via SMS, e-mail, or voice calls.

The network is installed and managed by Perceptive Things, all you need to provide is A/C power.  We monitor for leaks, battery levels, and missing sensors. And the entire network is continuously monitored for uptime and reliability.

Our monitoring platform and network management fees are typically based on square footage.  We will customize a hardware and monitoring package to your individual needs and specifications.


Perceptive Things protects homes and businesses by reducing risk and enhancing building operations with a wireless network and sensors that is cost-effective and simple to install and use.

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