Facility Insights  

For Employee, 

Resident, and

Guest Experiences

Understand and Protect Your Property

Perceptive Things technology benefits your business by giving you the tools to understand your spaces better, mitigate risks, and elevate your customer service. Think of it as a software upgrade for your physical locations.

Office Workspace

Professional Man Holding a Tablet

Optimize productivity and ROI...

  • Save money through better workspace utilization

  • Avoid costly HVAC & comfort issues

  • Prevent water damage from leaks

  • Prevent frozen pipes and equipment damage from temperature extremes

  • Receive alerts about door and window access/delayed openings



Offer the finest guest experience...

  • Know when ice makers leak and bathrooms flood

  • Optimize comfort settings throughout the property

  • Maximize investment in common space amenities through space utilization monitoring

  • Increase security for guests and staff


Food Service,



Optimize and Safeguard facilities...

  • Reduce inventory losses to water damage

  • Monitor refrigeration temperatures

  • Track valuable equipment and assets

  • Understand occupancy patterns in target areas

  • Optimize comfort for customers

  • Reduce energy costs


Custom Projects

We have access to a vast catalog of sensors and devices through our suppliers.  Our state-of-the-art wireless network and cloud platform provides the foundation of a virtually limitless set of functionality.


Contact us today to discuss your challenges and we will design a package of sensors and devices to solve them.  Some examples include:

  • Worker panic buttons

  • Remote and automated valve control

  • Air and water quality compliance

  • Building envelope water ingress


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