Stop leaks before frantic calls!

Every second counts.

Discover leaks in your building as soon as they happen. Turn costly repairs into simple cleanup jobs.

Be proactive. Protect each unit in your building for only a few dollars a month.

39 Gallons

Hourly flow from a 60psi pinhole leak

8 Minutes 

Response window before damage


Average claim for water damage

Touchless Kits

Reduce your staff's presence on-site and the need for repetitive checks around your building.  Be notified of a leak or other incident and its location, within seconds, from anywhere in the world.

Our Touchless Kits can get you started managing your risk through remote sensing.  We send you everything you need to be instantly alerted when leaks occur, or when temperatures get too hot or cold.

We even supply you with one year of free monitoring for the entire sensor kit.  In just a few minutes you can have a "smart" building, and receive alerts the instant an incident occurs.


Perceptive Things gives building staff instant and direct knowledge of a leak situation, at a drastically reduced cost compared to other systems. 

When water is flowing, every second counts.  Perceptive Things not only tells you when a leak is occurring, but where.  Your staff can respond quickly, and to the precise location, saving labor costs.

Leaks can be devastating! Reduce or eliminate damage and minimize repairs by knowing about problems instantly.  Avoid having to pay for insurance deductibles, increased premiums, or even dropped coverage.



Simple Pricing

Our residential leak detection service is simple.

Purchase the sensors you need.

Subscribe to monitoring.

No hubs to buy or other additional fees.



$80 each

Dual-probe water leak sensor with separate wireless alerting for each probe. Each sensor comes pre-configured for your property, and are a breeze to install. Each sensor body and probe includes 3M adhesive pads for secure attachment to surfaces. Battery life rated for 4 to 5 years.


2 1-meter probes

2 15cm probes

2 CR2450 Lithium batteries



$150 each

This industrial-grade moisture sensor uses a 3 meter rope to detect the presence of moisture along its entire length. Custom lengths up to 100 meters can be ordered by request. The sensor body has internal magnets, so the unit can be mounted to iron surfaces.


1 sensor body

1 3-meter sensor rope

2 3.6V ER14505 AA lithium batteries




(based on pipe size)

Our automated and remote valve solution offers peace of mind by automatically shutting off the flow of water when a leak is detected. It can be also be used as a remote valve solution, enabling building staff to open or close the valve from any virtually device, anywhere in the world.

Our valves are industrial grade, capable of handling high temperature and high pressure lines. They can be powered by a standard A/C outlet, or via lithium D cell batteries. We can also provide a configuration with a separate wired control box that can be installed up to 65 feet away, giving you tremendous installation flexibility.

Unlike competitors, there is no additional monthly fee for incorporating a valve in your solution.


$80 each

Worried about freezing temperatures in exposed areas and unoccupied spaces?  Can high temperature conditions damage costly equipment in mechanical rooms?  Would you like to track the comfort levels of common spaces?

Each Mercury™ Temperature & Humidity sensor can be configured to send an alert when the ambient temperature or humidity passes a high and low threshold.  You can also view the current and historical trends from readings that occur every few minutes.


2 AA batteries (last 4-5 years)

1 Mounting bracket


$24 annually per sensor

($240 annual contract minimum)

Each sensor can deliver alerts to your manager, staff, front desk, and others via SMS, e-mail, or voice calls via our monitoring service.

The network is installed and managed by Perceptive Things, all you need to provide is A/C power.  We monitor for leaks, battery levels, and missing sensors. And the entire network is continuously monitored for uptime and reliability.


Perceptive Things protects homes and businesses by reducing risk and enhancing building operations with a wireless network and sensors that is cost-effective and simple to install and use.

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