Protect your building's high-risk water damage areas today!  This kit features our long-range Droplet Duo water leak sensors, which can detect water leaks within a 2 meter radius.  The kit comes with:


  • One pre-configured LoRa/LTE Gateway
  • 10 Droplet Duo Sensors  (two 1 meter probes incuded)
  • 5 additional pairs of 15cm probes
  • One year of monitoring service for each sensor. ($120 value!)

Droplet Duo 10 Sensor Kit - First Year Free!

  • We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    In the event of defective equipment, we stand by our 12 month warranty and will replace any defective equipment, free-of-charge.

  • Each kit we sell comes with one LoRa/LTE gateway, which in most cases can provide coverage for several floors of your building, and only requires an A/C outlet for power.  While there are no monthly data fees or SIMs for you to manage, this device does need acceptable LTE reception to operate.


    If you need additional gateways for a wider coverage area, please contact our sales support team to discuss network expansion options.


Perceptive Things protects homes and businesses by reducing risk and enhancing building operations with a wireless network and sensors that is cost-effective and simple to install and use.

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