Droplet™ Duo

Dual-probe water leak sensor with separate wireless alerting for each probe. When water contacts either probe, a text, email or phone call alert describing the precise location of the leak is sent to building staff and property managers. Battery life up to five years.

$60.00 MSRP


Droplet™ Pro

This rope sensor detects moisture anywhere along its 3 meter (10 ft) length, and can be extended up to 100 meters (300 ft).  It’s great for protecting equipment rooms, storage rooms, and surrounding high-risk equipment. When the rope on the sensor become wet anywhere, alerts are immediately sent to building staff and managers. Droplet Pros operate on one set of batteries for many years under typical use.

$150.00 MSRP


LTE Network Gateway

Perceptive Things’ gateways bridge your 900 MHz wireless building network to the Internet over cellular LTE. They are completely independent from your building’s and tenant’s Wi-Fi networks. Perceptive Things maintains the LTE connectivity and accounts directly as part of our monitoring service. Customers do not need to deal with carriers or pay any cellular bills.

$600.00 MSRP


Droplet™ Solo

Perceptive Things’ original single-probe water leak sensor is designed for placement on any flat surface, such as inside a bathroom vanity or on the floor under a clothes washer. When water is detected, a text, email or phone call alert is sent to building staff and property managers. Multi-year battery life.

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