Why Leak Detection?

My building isn’t currently leaking. Is there a reason we should use this?

Leak protection is a must no matter what the building’s history has been. In the United States alone, homeowners suffer about 14,000 leak or flood damage incidents per DAY. According to the Insurance Information Institute’s data, the average claim runs over $10,000. This data tells us that approximately 1 in every 25 dwellings in the U.S. will suffer a damaging leak this year. When translated to multi-family dwellings, this means a 100 unit building should expect an average of four damaging water incidents per year.


Perceptive Things protects entire buildings by facilitating rapid response and repair, before the damage is done. For unprotected buildings unfortunately, it’s not a question of whether leaks will occur, because they are inevitable.

We have insurance already. Aren’t water leaks covered?

Yes and no. Many homeowners and building owners are reluctant to make insurance claims that will drive up their own premiums. So in many cases leak repairs are paid for out of pocket rather than risking rate hikes or coverage cancellation. Even if a claim is made, there’s still the cost of the deductible, time spent negotiating settlements between multiple insurers (apartment owner’s, neighbors’ and building owner’s). With rapid leak response, money and time are saved. Owners remain in their homes instead of moving out for repairs of collapsed ceilings, opening walls for mold remediation and suffering the losses of irreplaceable objects and memories.

Our condo owners are responsible for their own units. Why a building system?

When leaks occur, water flows wherever it wants to. A flood in apartment 8A quickly becomes a problem for 7A and 6A as well. By investing in a building-wide alert system, neighbors are protected from leaks that don’t start in their own unit. The most important place to have leak detection is in the apartment above you. Only full-building solutions can offer this security.

We have leaks that come from piping inside the walls. Can you help us?

The Perceptive Things Droplet™ sensors can easily be installed behind access panels in the wall, right where riser pipes and other plumbing can cause damage that might otherwise go unseen. With a battery life of up to five years, the sensors only have to be accessed about twice a decade so this is a very cost-effective way to detect leaks before they become serious problems. Perceptive Things can also provide humidity sensors to monitor areas where moisture can be an early warning that water is collecting where it shouldn’t, and can be addressed before floors buckle, walls bubble or a ceiling collapses.

What are the benefits for tenants? Why should they let us install in their apartments?

Residents benefit the most. Within ten seconds of detecting a leak, building staff, front desk personnel and property management are all alerted to the exact location, so help is on the way before any serious damage occurs. Valuable artworks, furnishings, photo albums, walls floors and ceilings are saved while reconstruction and move-outs are avoided.

Perceptive Thing’s Droplet sensors are small and can run for up to five years on one set of batteries. Tenants usually don’t think about them much, until a pipe bursts or a dishwasher overflows. Then the system becomes a hero.

Our building has limited cash flow, can you still help us?

We can offer several financing packages.  Just ask!  By paying as you go, you can use some of your savings from lower repair expenses to cover the costs. Leaks do occur unpredictably but over time the system is designed to pay for itself.


Perceptive Things protects homes and businesses by reducing risk and enhancing building operations with a wireless network and sensors that is cost-effective and simple to install and use.

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