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When water is flowing, every second counts.

We protect multi-family homes, commercial spaces & buildings from expensive damages & losses.

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Calculate how much water damage could cost you

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Your building is talking, are you listening?

Prevent Thousands of Dollars in Water Damage

Most leaks go undetected which can result in harmful mold growth, loss of furniture, and extensive foundational damage.

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Proactive leak management

Our long-range wireless network of sensors reaches every corner of your property, providing timely insights that allow you to take action before disaster strikes.


Leak Sensors

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Ambient Sensors

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Motion Sensors

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What our customers are saying:

"Within days of installing Droplet Duos™ in laundry rooms on 34 floors we discovered 13 machines had been leaking without us knowing. We had the machines repaired immediately, preventing those leaks from worsening to something catastrophic."

Earnest S / Resident Manager / Lincoln Square, Manhattan


We protect buildings managed by the finest companies in real estate. 

Properties we protect

Multi-Family Properties

Our platform is specifically designed for building management and staff. Control one property or an entire portfolio through a straightforward interface

Office/Commercial Properties

Whether you are protecting an office workspace, warehouse, or hotel, we have the ability to install a customized selection of sensors to give you insights into every corner of your property.

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