Insurance Agent

Reduce Insurance Costs

Lowering your risk can result in reduced premiums and deductibles.  It can also avoid complete loss of coverage.

We save buildings money, enhance operations, and improve tenant satisfaction.

Perceptive Things protects homes and businesses from damage and losses with a long-range wireless network, sensors, and cloud platform to monitor for damaging conditions that is cost-effective and simple to install.

Our system is specifically designed as for Multi-family Apartment Buildings as well as Office/Retail Properties and Hospitality. We can also develop a custom solution to enhance operations even further, maximizing your NOI.

Made for Property Pros

Our platform is specifically designed for building management and staff. Control one property or an entire portfolio through a straightforward interface. All stakeholders can use the system, and multiple user access levels provide the security you need.

Easy Installation

Our long-range wireless network  reaches every corner of your property, and we even provide the data connection to our cloud internet access required! Non-invasive sensor installation takes just a few minutes.

Cost Effective

No networking equipment to purchase. Buy only the sensors you need, on your schedule.  Monitor your whole building for just a few dollars per sensor per month, or take advantage of our unique volume pricing.

Our Technology

Wide Range of Sensors

Choose from a wide range of high-quality, battery-operated sensors. Reduce risk of water damage from leaks, mold, freezing pipes, problematic conditions in equipment rooms and common spaces, and a host of mechanical failures. Know when doors and windows are accessed (or left open). Be aware of space utilization and comfort settings.

Fully Managed Platform

Our secure wireless network easily covers your building. Sensors never access building or tenant WiFi or Ethernet networks, providing an extra layer of security.

Our cloud application gives you insight and control over the whole system, and can even handle multiple properties in a portfolio.

Instant Alerts

Text messages, emails, or automated voice calls are placed right away, and include complete information about the location and severity of incidents.

Alerts can be delivered to any stakeholder, including a voice call to the front desk. No apps to install, no smartphone, tablet, or computer required. Anyone can be alerted.



"Perceptive Things allows our staff to be proactive against water damage.  Our front desk attendant gets a call the instant water is detected, allowing him to contact tenants within seconds and offer assistance."

Tony K / Resident Manager / Central Park West, Manhattan

"Perceptive Things leak alerts tell me exactly where water is detected. We’re able to respond immediately to the right location and prevent damage."

Frank S / Resident Manager /  Madison Avenue, Manhattan

"After using this over the past year, your product has stood the test of time...moisture detection alerts have prevented costly damage. This helps our staff to respond expediently and keep good records."

Perry K / Resident Manager /  Park Avenue, Manhattan


We protect buildings managed by some of the best companies in real estate. 


Perceptive Things protects homes and businesses by reducing risk and enhancing building operations with a wireless network and sensors that is cost-effective and simple to install and use.

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