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Over 3,000
Leaks Detected

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Leaks we help you detect

In-Unit Leaks

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Common Spaces

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Mechanical Areas

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Multi-family protection solutions

Leak Sensors

Our industrial grade moisture sensor gives you deep insight into even the furthest corners of your multi-family building. With almost instantaneous alerts via text, call, and email, you will be able to stop water damage in hours instead of days.

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Ambient Sensors

These sensors monitor ambient conditions and go beyond making living spaces comfortable. You can also use them to monitor pipe temperatures, electric motors or other equipment to prevent overheating or cool-down conditions when they go offline.

Motion Detectors

Our motion detectors adhere to any piece of equipment, and can alert you when the asset is moved or is vibrating for longer than a configurable duration. Track things like cart usage, door openings, or even fixtures like fire extinguishers to be notified when they are moved from their installed locations.

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Why residential leak protection matters

Save on repairs

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Building owners spend thousands of dollars each year replacing everything from furniture to ceilings that have been damaged by water.

Reduce insurance costs

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Leaks can be devastating! Reduce or eliminate damage and minimize repairs by learning about problems instantly. Avoid having to pay for insurance deductibles, increased premiums, or even dropped coverage.

Avoid mold and other health risks

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Not only do leaks cause structural damage, they can also open you up to liability if the problem becomes a health hazard. Damp conditions are the perfect place for hazardous mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow.

Increase tenant satisfaction

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When a leak happens, tenants are  the most directly impacted. From replacing personal items to being temporarily relocated as repairs are made, leaks can cause a long term tenant to move... resulting in a loss of revenue!

What our customers are saying:

"Perceptive Things allows our staff to be proactive against water damage. Our front desk attendant gets a call the instant water is detected, allowing him to contact tenants within seconds and offer assistance."

Tony K / Resident Manager / Central Park West, Manhattan

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