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Water Leak Sensors
By Perceptive

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Protect Your Building 24/7, 365

Meet Our
Water Leak Sensors

Droplet Solo™

Our industrial grade IP-67 rated single-point wireless leak sensor can be placed on the ground under fixtures, appliances, and mechanical equipment. This sensor is our easiest to install, no external wires to keep neat or adhere to a surface...just drop it in place and go.

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Droplet Duo™

Our dual-probe water leak sensor has separate wireless alerting for each probe. It's like having two sensors in one! Each sensor comes pre- configured for your property, and are a breeze to install. Each sensor body and probe includes 3M adhesive pads for secure attachment to surfaces. Battery life rated for 4 to 5 years.

Droplet Pro™

Our industrial-grade moisture sensor uses a 3-meter rope sensor to detect the presence of moisture along its entire length. Battery life lasts 4 to 5 years. The sensor body has internal magnets, so the unit can be mounted to iron surfaces like mechanical equipment or beams.

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Droplet Zone™

Droplet Zone™ is our newest addition to our water leak sensor offerings! With a 40cm square plastic membrane that can detect moisture across it's entire surface and a 10 year battery life, you can rest easy knowing every water prone zone is covered:

Droplet Zone™ is perfect for sliding under appliances, sink cabinets, and anywhere where you want to protect more than a single point or linear space.

Our Technology

Made for Property Pros

Industrial Grade

4-5 year battery life

What our customers are saying:

"Within days of installing Droplet Duos™ in laundry rooms on 34 floors we discovered 13 machines had been leaking without us knowing. We had the machines repaired immediately, preventing those leaks from worsening to something catastrophic."

Earnest S / Resident Manager / Lincoln Square, Manhattan

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