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The Perceptive Things  Story


Our Vision

Our name is a nod to the tools that we hope to create:


A suite of sensors that allows you to perceive your property in a new way.

Through our Internet of Things platform (IoT) we provide real time alerts that helps you turn insights into action before disaster strikes… Saving you thousands of dollars in the process!

The Leak That Started It All...

Corey Menscher, our founder, was living in a New York apartment when he experienced his first leak. It all started with a quiet pinhole leak in an HVAC unit while he was out to dinner.


The leak was found after only 30 minutes, but that was already enough time for a deluge of water to flow into the apartment.

The resulting damage in Corey's apartment was significant and extended to his downstairs neighbor.

This inspired the creation of Perceptive Things® in 2017 to help reduce the costs and damage associated with leaks.


Perceptive Things® has now expanded to provide a variety of sensors designed to detect leaks, ambient conditions, motion, and more!


Our Sensors

Leak Sensors

The Droplet Duo™ and Droplet Pro™ were two of our first sensors and remain our most popular product to this day! In 2022, we are re-introducing our very first sensor, the Droplet Solo™, to round out our offerings.

To date, we’ve prevented damage from thousands of leaks for our customers and saved them millions of dollars in losses.

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Ambient Sensors

We introduced ambient sensors in 2019 to help our customers monitor temperature, humidity, and air conditions. From detecting when refrigeration equipment is failing to alerting leadership that there is smoke in the building, our ambient sensors provide a new level of insight into your building.

Motion Detectors

We introduced motion sensors in 2021 to track when doors and windows have been opened or track occupancy throughout your building. Our motion sensors not only give insight into your spaces, but can also help you determine where to cut costs.

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