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Ambient Sensors
By Perceptive

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Key Features

Made for Property Pros

Industrial Grade

4-5 year battery life

Meet Our
Ambient Sensors


Our ambient temperature and humidity sensor enables instant notifications when user-configurable high and low thresholds are exceeded. Monitor and track readings over time, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to ensure a consistent and safe environment for any area.

Mercury Surface™

Use Mercury Surface to monitor pipe temperatures, or even electric motors or other equipment for overheating or cool-down conditions when they go offline. Receive instant alerts when configurable high or low temperature thresholds are exceeded.

Monitor and track readings over time, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to protect your assets and ensure smooth operations.


Our battery-powered connected smoke and heat sensor augments your existing fire safety systems, providing you with real time insights!

Placing Vapor™ in hallways and stairwells means you will no longer have to solely rely on tenants to report audio alarms. The included CR17450 battery lasts up to 3 years.

Vapor NG™

Our battery-powered connected natural gas leak detector will send alerts to your staff when natural gas or methane is detected.  

Vapor NG™ has a 10% LEL Natural Gas Alarm threshold, alerting you to an emergency situation much sooner than traditional technologies that are designed to alarm at 25% LEL. At the same time, our sensor virtually eliminates nuisance alarms, such as those caused by harsh household chemicals.  


Our Vox™ sensor takes continuous sound pressure level (SPL) readings to determine the acoustic noise level in a room.  It can then log the level every 10 minutes, or when the loudness exceeds a configurable threshold, such as a 75dB smoke alarm.

As with all our sensors, you can expect immediate alerts from Vox™ via text, email and phone call. 

What our customers are saying:

"Within days of installing Droplet Duos™ in laundry rooms on 34 floors we discovered 13 machines had been leaking without us knowing. We had the machines repaired immediately, preventing those leaks from worsening to something catastrophic."

Earnest S / Resident Manager / Lincoln Square, Manhattan

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