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in Losses Prevented Since 2018

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A software upgrade, for physical locations

Mitigate Your Risks

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Understand Your Building

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Elevate Tenant Experience

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Commercial protection solutions

Office Spaces

In addition to saving money by helping you better utilize your work space, our sensors can also help you prevent water damage, frozen pipes, HVAC issues, and equipment damage. Receive timely alerts on metrics that mater, from door openings to temperature changes and beyond.

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Hotels & Food Services

Our alerts help you take immediate action when ice makers leak and bathrooms flood. Keep an eye on your bottom line by monitoring your space utilization and optimizing the comfort settings throughout your entire property. Increase the security and comfort of your guests and staff by monitoring the ambient conditions as well as building access points.

Retail & Manufacturing 

Your equipment is valuable and time is precious when it comes to taking action when disaster strikes. From monitoring refrigeration temperatures to preventing inventory loss due to water damage, you will be able to reduce your operational costs with our real time monitoring.

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Our Technology

Wide Range of Sensors

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Our wide range of commercial grade sensors will reduce your risk of water damage, mold, freezing pipes where ever they are located. From equipment rooms to common spaces, you will gain insights that will help you better utilize your space and increase the comfort of your guests.

Instant Alerts

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Text messages, emails, or automated voice calls are placed right away, and include complete information about the location and severity of incidents.No apps to install, no smartphone, tablet, or computer required!

Fully Managed Platform

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Our secure wireless network easily covers your entire building and can even provide insight into multiple properties in a portfolio. Sensors operate without building or tenant WiFI, providing an extra level of security. A turnkey solution, without adding extra tasks.

Made for Property Pros

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Our platform is specifically designed for building management and staff. Control one property or an entire portfolio through a straightforward interface. All stakeholders can use the system, and multiple user access levels provide the security you need.

What our customers are saying:

"After using this over the past year, your product has stood the test of time...moisture detection alerts have prevented costly damage. This helps our staff to respond expediently and keep good records."

Perry K / Resident Manager / Park Avenue, Manhattan

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