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COVID-19 Reduced staff and tenant occupancy increases risk

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

COVID-19 has driven commercial tenant occupancy and building utilization down to unprecedented levels. Worse, protecting staff means keeping them offsite for longer periods, blinding them to what is happening within their facilities. Walk-throughs and regular inspection schedules have been disrupted, and the lack of tenants means no one is there to alert you to situations that need immediate attention, such as a water leak from an appliance or fixture. This was always a problem for late nights and weekends, but exposure has increased significantly since the pandemic crashed occupancy levels. How can buildings effectively monitor spaces and systems, while limiting human presence?

IoT (Internet of Things) technology now available can give operations teams insight into what is happening inside buildings, 24 hours a day, from anywhere. A facilities manager can receive a text message seconds after a water leak or sump pump failure is detected, or if the ambient temperature becomes dangerously low, with precise location information so resources can be directed at a moment's notice.

Perceptive Things® risk management IoT solution keeps a constant eye out for damaging conditions, letting building staff know precisely when and where an incident occurs. Instant detection can trigger an actuator, such as to close a valve, and inform staff of a potentially damaging situation within seconds. Staff is not only informed of the event, but precisely where it is located, saving valuable time.

The Perceptive Things® platform consists of a secure building-wide long range wireless network, a suite of environmental sensors and actuators, and a cloud-based management platform that can be accessed from any digital device. It is simple and non-invasive to install, and can provide protection for a host of damaging conditions: water leaks, temperature anomalies, door/window access, and other environmental monitoring options can be added a la carte, on a flexible schedule, with little incremental cost. Our loss control technology is quick to install, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. We are here to make your building "smart" today.

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