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The Best Smart Building Sensors in Texas

Smart building sensors are becoming increasingly important in Texas, as they provide an unprecedented level of insight into the efficiency and safety of our buildings.

With smart building sensors, we can monitor temperature and humidity levels inside our commercial spaces and multi-family homes to ensure they remain comfortable for occupants while protecting valuable equipment.

In addition, these sensors can detect potential hazards such as smoke or water leaks, alerting us quickly so that we can take action before any damage is done. Sensors are uniquely positioned to protect your tenants' safety while significantly reducing your risk of damage.

This article will share some of the best smart building sensors in Texas and provide insight into the types of buildings that can benefit from them.

What are the Best Smart Building Sensors in Texas?

The best smart building sensors in Texas are the ones that are able to provide you with real-time alerts via text, email, and call within seconds of an environmental change occurring.

These sensors should be able to come together in a comprehensive system, allowing you to monitor the different areas of your building for potential issues.

Here are the best smart building sensors that we currently have in Texas:

  • Droplet Duo™- water leak sensor

  • Droplet Pro™- water leak sensor

  • Mercury™- ambient temperature and humidity sensor

  • Mercury Surface™- ambient temperature and humidity sensor

  • Vapor™- smoke and heat sensor

  • Motiv™- motion sensor

You can find more information on our products page and below!

Droplet Duo™

Droplet Duo™ is a fantastic smart building sensor for detecting water in difficult-to-reach places.

This is a dual-probe water leak detector with separate wireless alerting systems for each probe. It is like acquiring two smart home sensors for the cost of one!

This detector comes pre-configured for your property, making it easy for self-installation and immediate use.

No matter where you think a leak may occur, you will find it easy to place Droplet Duo™ thanks to its 3M adhesive pads. This allows our smart building sensor to adhere to a wide variety of surfaces securely.

With a battery that lasts between 4 to 5 years, Droplet Duo™ is a wise investment for all multi-family buildings and commercial spaces.

Droplet Pro™

Droplet Pro™ is an industrial-grade water leak sensor. Its 3-meter rope can detect moisture throughout its entire length, allowing you to monitor large areas with one device.

This smart building sensor also includes internal magnets, allowing it to be securely mounted to iron surfaces like beams and mechanical equipment.


Mercury™ is an ambient humidity and temperature smart building sensor. This sensor will instantly alert you when your home humidity or temperature falls below or rises above your configured threshold.

Mercury is wonderful for ensuring the comfort of your building tenants. Additionally, this smart sensor compiles data so you can take further steps to cut costs related to energy consumption.

Mercury Surface™

Mercury Surface™ is a surface-mounted ambient temperature sensor that monitors equipment for cooling or overheating conditions.

It will notify or alert you within minutes via email, text, or call when the humidity or temperature falls below or rises above a configured threshold.

Mercury Surface™ allows you to track and monitor temperature and humidity readings 24/7. You trust this sensor to protect your building equipment and assets and ensure smooth operation.


Vapor™ is a battery-powered heat and smoke detector. It is a fantastic tool that can be placed in your home or building to increase safety.

As a smart sensor, Vapor™ is able to give you live updates rather than relying on tenants reporting hearing their audio alarms.

This smart home sensor includes a battery that can last up to 3 years. Although it is ideal for detecting smoke, Vapor™ should only be used to further augment your certified home fire safety system that is approved by your local fire department.


Motiv™ is a wireless motion sensor designed to let you keep any item or equipment safe. For instance, when placed on any of your assets or equipment, this detector will sense any movement or vibration that occurs for an extended period.

A popular way to use Motiv™ is to track safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers. With our motion sensors in place, you will be alerted within seconds of their movement.

What buildings in Texas need smart sensors?

Many buildings can benefit from smart sensors, but two types of Texas buildings can benefit the most:

  • Texas Commercial Buildings

  • Texas Multi-Family Homes

Texas Commercial Buildings

The first type of building that can benefit from smart sensors is commercial buildings, such as office buildings and retail stores. Many people, including custodians and customers, move in and out of these buildings daily. Therefore, these buildings have safety and security concerns that must be considered when protecting the building.

This is why having more than one type of smart building sensor may be helpful. For instance, the two common types of smart building sensors for commercial buildings are ambient temperature sensors and motion sensors.

Texas Multi-Family Homes

The growing opportunities to invest in multi-family homes in Texas have heightened interest and awareness in IoT and smart technology systems that protect investments by reducing risks and increasing operational efficiency.

Multi-family homes have multiple tenants, all sharing a single building, making it difficult to stay on top of issues. Potential risks include unit equipment malfunctions, mechanical failure, tenant activities, etc.

These buildings tend to be the most reliant on tenants reporting issues as they occur. Unfortunately, this might not happen in a timely fashion. With people traveling for long periods of time, particularly around the holidays, this could leave your building completely exposed to risk.

For multi-family buildings, water leak, and smoke sensors are often the first that we are asked to install. Water leaks are one of the leading causes of damage in most buildings and are often expensive to fix. Smoke sensors are typically used to augment existing certified fire safety systems, alerting building managers in real-time.

Final thoughts on smart building sensors in Texas

Smart building sensors allow you to easily and quickly get unprecedented levels of insight into the efficiency and safety of our buildings and react promptly.

So, if you are looking for the best smart building sensors, Perceptive Things® has a wide range of powerful sensors with simple pricing. All our smart building sensors will assist you in protecting your building by monitoring and tracking hard-to-reach areas.

Rest assured that our smart sensors run 24/7 and will give you peace of mind and relaxation, knowing you have a deep insight into what is happening with your building.

Do you have a smart building sensor in your building? What is your experience using it? We would love to hear about it via the comments section below.

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