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The Best Water Leak Sensor

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

If you're a property manager, then you know how important it is to prevent water leaks. Not only are they costly to repair, but they can also damage your property and cause mold growth.

One of the best ways to prevent water leaks is by using a water leak sensor. These sensors can detect even the smallest amounts of water, so you'll be alerted right away if there's a problem.

In this blog post, we'll discuss how smart water leak sensors work, the best locations to place them, and provide information on how to select the best water leak detectors.

Is there a device to detect water leaks?

Yes, ‘water leak sensor’ is the formal name for a wide variety of devices that can be used to detect leaks.

Water leak sensors can be used to detect leaks on a variety of home fixtures and appliances, such as dishwashers, washers, ice makers, etc.

If you have an appliance that uses water in some way, then it is probably possible to install a leak sensor so that you can stop leaks before they happen.

What are water leak sensors?

Water leak sensors are small devices that are able to detect any water leak in your house. They are best used when they are strategically placed to monitor areas where the risk of leaks is higher or where you've had problems in the past.

They can be placed to protect your furnace, washer, dishwasher, and even near your toilet! The signals created by leak sensor detectors enable them to alert you within seconds of a leak happening.

Perceptive Things® Water Leak Sensors

At Perceptive Things®, we've taken this a step further. We use our water leak sensors, along with our other solutions, to create a wireless network that can turn any building into a "smart building".

This creates a powerful leak detection system that can send emails, texts, and calls to your phone. You can even add on our other sensors, such as the Mercury™ temperature and humidity sensor, to give an even more advanced system!

Just one leak in an apartment complex could cause thousands of dollars of damage. But with our smart water leak sensors, you can protect your apartment and prevent losing tenants or rent payments due to this issue.

How do water leak sensors work?

Water leak sensors use small metal contacts to detect the presence of water. When these sensors come in contact with water, they send automatically send a signal to your phone.

Though leak sensors are simple devices, numerous manufacturers offer different models that may vary in technology used and response times.Depending on the type of sensor, they may be able to detect leaks on contact or only if they are submerged.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), household leaks can waste 180 gallons a week! Leak sensors are an excellent investment for those looking to protect their home, office, or apartment complex from water damage.

Where should I place a water leak sensor?

The best way to decide where to place your leak sensor is by walking through each room and noting down the different appliances. A walk-through can be done in less than 10 minutes for most homes and will give you a good idea of the number of leak sensors that are needed for your home.

In the case of a water sensor placement, it’s important to keep three aspects in mind: reachability, sensor safety, and access to the network. All three go hand in hand for optimal placement.

water leak sensor installation
Perceptive Things® Team installing a water leak sensor

What is the best water leak sensor?

The best water leak sensor is the one that protects your family, neighbors, friends, or colleagues from unexpected accidents by having a fast response time. This means that your sensor should be able to call, text, or email you within a minute of the sensor being triggered.

It's also helpful to note its longevity. It is important to make sure you select a good-quality leak sensor that can withstand the test of time. A good quality leak sensor should last you a minimum of 3 years and often one made with good materials can last until the 5-year mark.

Just one leak in an apartment complex could cause thousands of dollars of damage. According to, the national U.S. average for repairing water damage ranges from a minimum of $ 1,000 USD to $ 20,000 USD.

Perceptive Things®: Best Water Leak Sensors

At Perceptive Things®, we offer some of the most powerful and durable leak sensors on the market.

They are so effective at detecting even the smallest leak that they can alert you to the leak within seconds so you can take action before there is water damage. Our leak sensors are a convenient and affordable way of preventing this damage from occurring.

We offer a wide range of solutions to help you instantly turn your building into a “smart building”. Whether you have multi-family units or a commercial building, our water leak sensors are the perfect solution.

Read on to learn more about our best water leak sensors, the Droplet Duo™ and Droplet Pro™!

Our dual-probe water leak sensor comes pre-configured for your property and is a breeze to install. Each sensor body and probe includes 3M adhesive pads for secure attachment to surfaces. The typical battery life is rated for 4 to 5 years.

water leak sensor

Our industrial-grade moisture sensor uses a 3-meter rope to detect the presence of moisture along its entire length. The sensor body has internal magnets, so the unit can be mounted to iron surfaces.

water leak sensor

Final thoughts on finding the best water leak sensor

Water sensors are an important tool for homeowners to protect their property from water damage. Although the initial investment may seem like a lot, it is worth it when compared to the cost of repairing water damage.

While it is great to have this kind of alert system in place to help prevent water-related damage, perhaps the most useful feature of water leak sensors is the peace of mind they give you.

Have you ever used a water leak sensor before? Leave a comment and let us know how it worked out for you. We hope this post has convinced you that they are worth the investment!

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