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Smart Building Sensors in New York

Perceptive Things® first launched in New York as a result of a terrible water leak. That is why we are excited to share more information on why smart building sensors are so important for protecting the buildings of New York!

In this post, we will cover what smart building sensors do and share the wide variety of smart sensors that Perceptive Things® sells in New York.

What are Smart Building Sensors?

As you may have guessed by the name, smart building sensors are a technology that gives you insight into your building! You can turn any building into a smart building by carefully selecting and placing sensors in key areas.

Smart buildings that have been outfitted with sensors are able to send you updates and alerts in real time. At Perceptive Things®, we have a suite of sensors that can help you track movement, temperature & ambiance, water leaks, and more!

Using various sensors can give you insights into your building that can help you make strategic decisions. For example, motion detectors can help you determine the high-traffic areas of your structure. This can allow you to turn off or reduce electricity in areas of the building that are left unused.

Why Does New York Need Smart Building Sensors?

New York, in particular, can benefit from using sensors to create smart buildings. With an aging infrastructure and fast-paced lifestyle, buildings in New York are uniquely pre-dispositioned to encountering water leaks... particularly the kind that go undetected!

Here are the 3 main reasons buildings in New York need smart sensors:

  1. Old Buildings

  2. Lack of Tenant Reporting

  3. Overwhelmed Management Teams

1. Old Buildings

water leak damage ceiling
The leak that started it all! This picture is of our founder, Corey's, NYC apartment after a leak.

You may not be surprised to learn that New York has a lot of old buildings! Older buildings can pose a financial risk because they are particularly vulnerable to water leaks.

Lack of pipe maintenance, changes to the building codes, and strange floor plans… all can increase the likelihood of a leak.

Additionally, the cost of repairs can be much higher for older-style buildings. For example, if a leak causes damage to the hardwood floor, then you might find yourself replacing the whole floor instead of just a section!

As you can see by the picture, water damage can have a severe impact on more than one apartment in a multi-family building.

Aside from the cost of repairs, many tenants experience stress and loss of irreplaceable items.

2. Lack of Tenant Reporting

New York is known as the city that never sleeps. Unfortunately, leaks don’t sleep, either!

A leak can happen at any time, and the unfortunate reality is that your tenant might be too busy to notice it themselves. Tenants may not even realize the severe damage that can be caused by leaks or the health risks that can occur from the mold that grows around these leaks.

3. Overwhelmed Management Teams

With hundreds of tenants to care for, management teams can become easily overwhelmed by the number of day-to-day tasks. When an emergency occurs, it can be a challenge for them to respond in a timely manner without it impacting their other responsibilities.

For example, when water leaks occur, they can quickly become an issue that impacts multiple floors of the building and multiple tenants. Not only do managers have to coordinate with water mitigation and restoration companies, but they also have to communicate key updates and timelines to tenants.

This problem multiplies quickly when the damage is extensive or deep (ruining walls, electricity, creating mold, etc).

As with many things in life, prevention is much easier than finding a cure!

Where to find smart building sensors in New York

Perceptive Things® was first founded in New York, NY and one of our headquarters is still located within the city.

If you are interested in using sensors to turn your building into a smart building, we’d love to talk!

You can reach out to us at or by checking out our products page.

Here are the smart building sensors that we currently offer in New York:

  • Water Leak Sensors

    • Droplet Duo™

    • Droplet Pro™

  • Ambient and Temperature Sensors

    • Mercury™

    • Mercury Surface™

    • Vapor™

  • Motion Sensor

    • Motiv™

Water Leak Sensors

Droplet Duo™

This dual-probe water leak sensor contains separate wireless alerting for each probe, so it’s like getting two sensors for the price of one!

If you decide to purchase this sensor, it will be pre-configured for your property. This makes it easy to install and use!

As security is our top priority, each sensor body and probe includes 3M adhesive pads. These will allow you to attach the sensor to any surface securely.

Another excellent thing about these sensors is their battery life lasts between 4 – 5 years, making this a wise investment for any multi-family building.

Droplet Pro™

The Droplet Pro is our industrial-grade IP-67-rated leak sensor. It uses a 3-meter rope sensor that detects moisture presence along its length.

With this technology, you won’t have to worry about leaks as you’ll be able to monitor everything inside your home.

The body of the sensor contains internal magnets, making it easy to mount the sensor to iron surfaces, including:

  • Mechanical equipment

  • Beams

This sensor is an excellent option for anyone who wants greater peace of mind and prevents possible issues and costly repairs in their home.

Ambient and Temperature Sensors


The Mercury™ is our ambient and temperature sensor; one of the best things about it — you can mount it anywhere!

If you decide to use this sensor, you’ll get instant notifications from our company. These will let you know when the conditions in your home fall below or above your set thresholds.

With our 24/7 support, you’ll be able to relax and ensure the safety of your home and family.

Mercury Surface™

The Mercury Surface™ is another impressive ambient sensor from our company.

This sensor will allow you to monitor pipe temperatures and various equipment for overheating/cooling conditions when they are offline.

With the Mercury Surface™, you’ll be able to monitor and track readings 24/7, so there’s no need to worry about your assets malfunctioning.


The Vapor™ is our battery-powered smoke and heat sensor, and it’s an excellent tool you can place in your home to increase your safety level. It contains an included battery, which can last up to 3 years.

While this sensor has great features and is good at detecting smoke, it should only serve as an addition to your regular fire safety system instead of being a replacement.

Vapor™ is not officially certified to be a primary fire safety system, so you will also need to have a smoke detector that your local fire department approves of.

Motion Sensors


Motiv™ is our wireless motion tracker — its design will allow you to keep any equipment or item safe.

Once you place this sensor on one of your assets, the sensor will detect any vibration or movement that happens for an extended period.

If there’s anything detected, the sensor makes it easy to notify you by automatically sending you a notification.

You can easily track the opening/ closing of doors, windows, drawers and more with Motiv™!

Our Final Thoughts on Smart Building Sensors in New York

Smart building sensors allow you to easily and quickly notice any issues with your building and react promptly.

As the possible repair costs of an underlying issue that wasn’t treated could be extremely high, it's better to be safe than sorry. Our sensors will give you peace of mind and allow you to relax, knowing you know what’s happening with your building.

Have you used a smart building sensor before? We'd love to hear if you find leak, motion, or ambient sensors to be the most useful in your building!

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