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Water Leak Detection for Commercial Buildings (In Houston and Beyond!)

High-rises and the rising sun

Water damage in commercial buildings can occur as a result of a variety of causes, ranging from faulty construction to weather conditions to plumbing issues.

Regardless of the water damage type, commercial building owners will want to protect their buildings and tenants. This is why water leak detection is essential and you should consider installing water sensors.

This article will help you learn more about water leak detection for commercial buildings in Houston.

Water Leak Detection in Houston

Water damage in commercial buildings can be a very frustrating issue for property owners. Perceptive Things® is a top water leak sensor provider in Houston, specializing in identifying leaks before they damage your building.

Perceptive Things® Water Leak Sensors

Our founder, Corey Menscher, had a water leak in his New York commercial building. It all began as a pinhole leak in the HVAC unit while he was out for dinner. Although the leak was identified after just 30 minutes, it had already resulted in significant damage, with the water leak extending to his downstairs neighbor.

This inspired Corey to create Perceptive Things® in 2017 to reduce the cost and effects of water leaks in commercial buildings. Originally from Texas, he has been on a mission to expand access to a variety of commercial-grade water leak sensors in popular metros like Houston and Austin.

Droplet Solo™

Perceptive Things Droplet Solo sensor

Droplet Solo™ by Perceptive Things® is the first water leak sensor that we ever designed.

We released its latest version in 2023 after revamping its design to be sleeker and ready for drop-and-go installation. Simply place the Droplet Solo™ wherever you feel potential water leaks could occur in your commercial or multi-family building!

It has an IP-67 rating and an audible buzzer alarm that will alert you and your tenants within seconds of a water leak.

Droplet Duo™

Perceptive Things Droplet Duo sensors

Droplet Duo™ by Perceptive Things® is one of the best water leak sensors out there, with separate alerting for each probe. It is like purchasing two sensors for the price of one.

Our Droplet Duo™ comes pre-configured for your Houston commercial building, making it easy to install!

Each sensor probe and body features 3M adhesive pads, allowing you to attach your water leak sensor to any surface securely.

Moreover, this water leak sensor has a durable battery lifespan of four to five years. This makes it an ideal long-term investment for any commercial building in Houston.

Droplet Pro™

Perceptive Things Droplet Pro detection

Droplet Pro™ by Perceptive Things® is an industrial-grade IP-67 water leak sensor. It uses a 3-meter rope that senses moisture and water leaks along its entire length.

Droplet Pro™ is a wise investment for anyone looking for greater peace of mind and who wants to prevent possible water damage problems and costly water damage repair costs in their commercial buildings.

The body of this water leak sensor features internal magnets for easy mounting on iron surfaces, such as on beams or mechanical equipment.

How Early Water Leak Detection Protects Your Commercial Building

Preventing Structural Damage

The most notable benefit of water leak detection is preventing structural damage to your commercial building.

For instance, water trickling through multiple floors or behind walls may go undetected for a long time. During this time, the water damage can spread significantly throughout your commercial building, causing extensive damage to structures, such as drywall, cabinets, office equipment, and appliances.

Repairing and restoring these structures and items can cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

Fortunately, detecting water leaks early will prevent structural damage in your commercial building, as you can make repairs before the damage accumulates.

Protecting the Health of Tenants

Water leaks are among the top causes of mold growth in commercial buildings, as it can allow mold to grow in as little as 24 hours. This is because mold thrives in water-filled environments.

Mold is something you always want to avoid regarding your Houston commercial building. It can cause various health issues for those exposed to it, including skin irritation, allergies, and respiratory problems.

Fortunately, early water damage detection can help identify the leaks before they result in these negative issues. Installing water leak detectors at the right locations inside your commercial building is by far the best way to catch water leaks early. This will allow you to respond promptly before mold growth begins, thus protecting your tenants' health.

Avoiding Lost Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies usually asses the risks of commercial buildings based on previous insurance claims history.

If you have a history of filing frequent or severe water damage insurance claims, the insurance company may decide to drop your insurance policy, as your commercial building is at higher risk of experiencing future water leaks and damages. Besides, the more claims you file, the less attractive you are to insurance companies.

However, we are not discouraging you from filing legitimate water damage insurance claims. Instead, we are suggesting that placing water leak sensors in your commercial building can help prevent the occurrence of water damage, which is vital if you want to avoid lost insurance coverage.

Enabling Your Teams to Respond Promptly

A water leak detection service can promptly identify the water leak source in your commercial building even before your tenants are aware of the issue, plus take the necessary steps to help you fix it. This is especially great during the holiday season, when your tenants may be gone for weeks, or at a time when offices are closed!

A water leak sensors can even assist you with preventing future water damage by finding potential issues and fixing them before they cause extensive damage to your commercial building.

Therefore, by leveraging the services of a water leak sensor company, you can keep your Houston commercial building safe from water damage and save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

Final Thoughts on Water Leak Protection for Commercial Buildings in Houston

Water leak sensors can save you money, trouble, and time.

Although they do not erase the possible risk of water damage, they assist with early detection, which is key for preventing extensive water damage to your commercial building.

We hope this article has helped you understand how water leak detection can protect your commercial building and how you can use water leak sensors to easily detect leaks in your property!

Have you experienced a water leak in your commercial property? We provide free assessments of where water leaks are most likely to occur in your building, as well as a cost-savings analysis. Please reach out to us at to learn more.

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